[CM] Community of Grace/CM users?

Ben McAllister benmca at gmail.com
Sun Feb 21 10:48:13 PST 2016

Hi All,

I studied Computer Music with Richard Karpen in the 90s at University
of Washington, where CM 1.4 and Csound were the tools of the day. I've
been having a blast these past few weeks re-writing my CM 1.x pieces
in Grace / CM3! Really great job on Grace - thanks so much for the
documentation and examples in Grace. I found the tutorials and
examples very easy to follow. I'd like to find a way to contribute
more examples as I work through resuscitating my old work :)

I build software for a living, but haven't used Lisp for anything
except music. It would be helpful for me to have a better view of
where Common Music sits alongside Lisp, Scheme, and S7. If I
understand correctly, Scheme is a 'dialect' of Lisp with a rich
community of users, and S7 is an extension of Scheme. Have I got that

So, specifically to Grace, does this mean any Scheme code should run
from a Grace editor window?

As I refresh my memory on how to do relatively simple things in
Scheme, I'm not sure if they're intended to be supported in Scheme. To
take one random example, I assume I can consult the latest Scheme docs
online to figure out whether or not there's an (nth x y) function in
Scheme like there is in CL - there isn't, but it's straightforward to
code up:

(define (nth n l)
  (if (or (> n (length l)) (< n 0))
    (error "Index out of bounds.")
    (if (eq? n 0)
      (car l)
      (nth (- n 1) (cdr l)))))

Lastly, besides maybe Stack Overflow, it doesn't look like there is a
place online where users can convene and share experiences and code
except this mailing list. True?

Thanks for reading and once again, great work!
Ben McAllister | listenfaster.com |  @listenfaster

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