[CM] Grace + Csound: Sandboxing issue on Mac

Ben McAllister benmca at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 22:58:17 PST 2016

Hello List,

In working through the tutorials in the 3.9 release through the App
Store, I discovered I'm not able to run Csound from Grace. Looks like
the app is built with sandboxing enabled, which prohibits it from
executing my csound binary.  Maybe this is compulsory when submitting?
I'm a developer, but haven't ever deployed a Mac app.. Grepping
through the Grace binary, I see the key
<key>com.apple.security.app-sandbox</key>  is set to true, at any
rate, hence my guess.

So - I figured I'd build my own Grace from source, but JUCE
compilation seems to be broken, perhaps on OS X 10.11 only?  make gets
a lot of complaints on a missing Point definition like so:

error: unknown type name


typedef CALLBACK_API( short , QDTxMeasProcPtr )(short byteCount, const
void *textAddr, Point *numer, Point *denom, FontInfo *info);

A recent poster on JUCE's forum mentions the issue:

Any help/workarounds appreciated. Thanks!
Ben McAllister


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