[CM] Common Music 2 and PWGL

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Apr 7 11:10:01 PDT 2016

Dear Torsten,

Thanks a lot for your response. I couldn't hope for a better and more
detailed answer on the state of Constrained Based Composition. Now I
have a clearer view on this state of affairs.

I see I should first get my hands on an OSX machine to try PWGL to test
Örjan’s libraries and your extensions.

On the other hand,  while watching your presentation, and from a user's
standpoint, it looks like PWGL has a similar functionality as Open
Music, where users don't worry much about inner workings of constrained
programming. Instead people concentrate on rules to 'search' options for
musical goals. Rules are in libraries like legacy PWConstraints. Being
so, programming would only be needed in case a library is being
developed or extended.

Like they say on HCI and design contexts, "there are different hammers
in the toolbox and you pick the right one for the job you are pursuing".

  Best wishes,

  -- Juan

> The code of most of them is available. There are a few dependencies
> to the graphics programming of OpenMusic and/or PWGL, but at least
> in the case of Örjan’s libraries that seems to be limited to a few
> files, and you can clearly tell the dependencies by the Lisp
> packages.
> His solver by default outputs to a convenient PWGL score object, but
> by setting an argument you can also get the music represented as a
> list close to the internal representation of the solver, AFAIK
> (never needed that).

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