[CM] cm2 on GracCL

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at kolumbus.fi
Sat Apr 2 10:59:43 PDT 2016


speaking of new cm.asd for cm2,I’d really like to build GraceCL. I once succeeded building GCL. Hunting the correct version of juice was quite of a pain, but finally found a correct version.GCL works, but some lisp (clozure, sbcl, clisp) crashes occurred frequently, probable these were too new versions. So using cm.asd, might help.

There’s nothing wrong with Grace, but lisp is lisp and scheme is scheme, scheme is good, a big thanks to Bill for excellent S7. Of course if there are some clos equivavelent add-ons I’d like to add  them, or are they added already?

setters and getters are great. I remember something on this list mentions of them. Have to look closely clm-5.

I’ve more than pissed with csound, and will change again to cm-clm.

I don’t know enough of spectral processing with clm, so anything (examples,docs)  will gladly be  received.



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