[CM] Fomus on Ubuntu

AndrésFernández fr_andres at msn.com
Wed May 14 11:13:52 PDT 2014

David Psenicka <dpsenick at ...> writes:

> Is libfomus.so in /usr/lib or /usr/local/lib?  Grace looks for libfomus.so
in the following places on Linux:
> the path specified when Grace is compiled
> the directories in the system library path
> /usr/local/lib  (Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize this directory as a
system library directory by default, but Grace still looks in there)
> /usr/lib
> If you type `fomus -O' at the command line and it spits out a list of
names and descriptions, then the fomus library itself is installed properly
and should be working correctly (the fomus executable needs to be in your path).
> On Sun, 2010-12-05 at 11:11 -0500, Joel Matthys wrote:
>     I can't get FOMUS to work with the new Grace on Ubuntu 10.04.
>     When I open the example file and try to evaluate the first example, I get
>     >>> Error: Fomus: can't find FOMUS library
>     >>> Error: don't know how to open "fomus.ly" 
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to install from source Common Music 3.9 on my Ubuntu 14.04.
I have succesfully installed the release 3.8 from this webpage, as a
standalone binary:
it works perfectly, but it doesn't recognice my FOMUS libraries. I also get
this error when trying to export:

>>> Error: Fomus: can't find FOMUS library
>>> Error: don't know how to open "fomus.ly"

I managed to compile FOMUS, install it and test it from the terminal; it
seems to work fine so that may not be the problem.
I have also checked that libfomus.so file is in /usr/lib.

So compiling Grace 3.9 from source might be the solution...
I downloaded the tarball from the official webpage:

and followed the respective instructions:

It didn't work: make returns this error:

juce/modules/juce_gui_basics/juce_gui_basics.cpp:127:35: fatal error:
X11/Xcursor/Xcursor.h: No such file or directory
#include <X11/Xcursor/Xcursor.h>

I grepped for include, Xcursor, etc... and no answer. I don't know where to
look to fix this issue, but, as suggested in this solved post
it might be a problem from "premake": User mjerting suggests to "use Premake
3.7, NOT Premake4.".

I couldn't trick the premake4.lua file to work with premake 3.7, and I'm not
confident that i'm gonna get it on the short term, or at all...
So my question is

-How can it be posible to make it work with premake3?
-Do I have missing libraries?
-Maybe getting an older version in order to get the FOMUS libraries working?
-Do I miss any stupid button, or some other solution?

I really appreciate your help, I study composition and am really noob in
such themes.
Thanks in advance and best regards

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