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ludger brümmer lb at zkm.de
Wed Jul 2 08:54:48 PDT 2014

Hi all, 

I tried to use a reverb and I think there seems to be something wrong in the way how the function nrev is called. Is it due to different quoting?
I checked with "with-sound" and through a CM process both with a similar result.

all the best

(with-sound (:statistics #t :scaled-to 0.95 :output "test.aiff" :reverb 'nrev) (fm 0 1 440 .1 :reverb 0.1))

(define (simpwav n r lb ub)
  (process repeat n
           for i from 0
           for k = (between lb ub)
           (fm i 1.5 k .1 :reverb .01)
           (wait r)

(sprout (simpwav 10 .2 440 881) "test.wav" :scaled-to 0.95 :reverb 'nrev)

>>> Error: attempt to apply the symbol nrev to ()?
finish-with-sound: (apply reverb reverb-data)     ; reverb: nrev
                                                   ; reverb-data: ()
finish-with-sound: ((mus-close *reverb*))        
finish-with-sound: ((if (mus-output? *output*)... ; old-srate: 44100
                                                   ; output: "/Users/ludil/test.wav"
snd:close-output-file: ((do ((tail *sfdat* (cd... ; wsdat: (with-sound-data "/Users/l...
snd:close-output-file: ((void))                  

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Am 28 May 2014 um 13:49 schrieb Heinrich Taube <taube at illinois.edu>:

>> Not the case on the Mac. Every time I rerun Grace, and display the working directory, it is set to "".
> thanks, Ill try to fix this soon, its not misbehaving on my mac so Ill have to try a machine that doesn't have grace running on it.  
>> This page https://ccrma.stanford.edu/software/snd/snd/sndscm.html#withsound shows all sort of sound manipulations with Snd. I wonder if it is possible to run Snd from Grace or if it is an independant application.
> Snd is a different app than Grace.YOu could probably start the Snd app running while inside Grace (shell "/usr/local/snd") or whatever, but it would run in an entirely different process than Grace.
> but your link was pointing to with-sound , which is a scheme macro for generating sound in clm  if you are asking about using with-sound in Grace then the answer is yes, its built into Grace:
> (load "v.scm")
> (with-sound () 
> (loop for i to 10
>    do
>    (fm-violin (* .5 i) .75 (between 110 880) .2 ))
> I hope Im answering your Question!
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