[CM] Scheduler and environment

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Tue May 28 04:41:14 PDT 2013

or it could be that liblo isn't sending the messages out, not sure what is more likely. if you could trigger the failing behavior without actually calling osc that would at least tell me which has the problem, eval under midi callback or osc message output.

i will try to get things running in the repo this week, that way  at least you will  be able to add tracings to c++ code.

On May 27, 2013, at 4:15 PM, Antoine Daurat <antoinedaurat at googlemail.com> wrote:

> guess that I should now test my code away from the stress of the repetition and the concert, it would probably help...
> Anyway, thank you for your help and if you ever come to *be certain* that it could or couldn't stop other processes to add trigger nodes to the queue, I'll be glad if you'd let me know.

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