[CM] alpha3, future directions

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sun Jul 14 10:46:05 PDT 2013

builds of the second-to-last alpha are available

improvements include a hygenic app shutdown, plotting windows working again (now with a singleton "floating toolbar" editor that adjusts to the selected plot window), a  more subtle color scheme for console window output,  the internal synth device (Mac only) now appearing in the MidiOut menu. In the final alpha ill attempt to install a new "look and feel" using code developed by Andrew Burnson for our Harmonia app, and then its a wrap.

the very last step will be to try to release Grace as a free app on the Mac App store. This is a really difficult process so Im not sure if I'll be successful, but I'd like to do it.  It seems licensing will be one issue, luckily the core (sndlib, s7, juce) are all non-gpl licenses and so at least a basic app should be possible. the other (optional) software -- fomus, liblo ad sdif, are all gpl and can't be included in that manner. Im looking into alternate licenses for fomus and liblo. If liblo is not possible then I'd skip OSC support in the first apple release and switch over to OscPack for the next release. Regardless, it will always be possible to download cm sources and build as you want on your machine.

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