[CM] CM 3.9.0 alpha2 (Mac Menubar & Win build)

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Fri Jul 5 07:46:34 PDT 2013

an alpha2 is now available. I have completely redone Grace's menu system to use a single menu model and one app-wide command set, which results in a much cleaner "look-and-feel" for the app on all OSs. On the Mac Grace's menus now appear in the mac's main Menubar instead of the windows so it really looks and acts just like a standard mac app, I have to say its pretty cool!  new menu bar has more menu cleanup and a few minor keyboard command changes: Command-L  == lookup help at cursor, Command-. == the old Audio Hush (was command-k),  Command-D == Common Music Reference. I wouldn't use plotting window, i haven't had a chance to refactor that code yet. Thanks to really heavy lifting by Bill, S7/Sndlib compiles and runs again in vs2010 and so Ive made a windows version of Grace available for testing (I've not tested it beyond the most basic things)

On linux you build the app with a few lines of terminal code (see readme.text for more info)

	svn co -r2058 svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/commonmusic/code/ cm
	cd cm

when you build CM it will now always save a terminal app bin/s7 as well. this is a tiny repl around s7 and sndlib. If someone added  C-c signal handling the app could be quite useful for running in emacs, for example.

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