[CM] Cmdist Digest, Vol 62, Issue 2

anders.vinjar at bek.no anders.vinjar at bek.no
Thu Jul 4 09:55:50 PDT 2013

>>>>> "H" == Heinrich Taube writes:

    H> On a slightly different topic, can someone tell me what steps i need
    H> to take to generate a sound in midi on Linux?  

Hi Rick.

You mean playing a midifile w. a softsynth?

Try "xdg-open file.midi" - it should get something going on most
desktop-environments.  On my machine here it starts totem to make some
horrible sound.

Timidity or fluidsynth are 2 generally available sf-based softsynths.

vkeybd (virt. keyboard) sends midi event-data to (or displays input
from) whatever its connected to.

    H> what app do i use and how do i make connections??

Qjackctl gives you alsa seq-ports as well, so may be used to connect
either jack (midi) or alsa midi (or port, core, oss, various
hw-devices...).  You dont need to run jack if you prefer not.

Working in cm, i usually set up fluidsynth as a jack-client, and using
pmidi (controlled from lisp) as cm's midi-player.


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