[CM] clm+s7 finally up to speed

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Feb 5 08:23:42 PST 2013

Hi Bill,

As always thanks a lot for all your efforts.

Just to make sure I am understanding your comment. Are we saying that S7 
is now as fast as the run-macro in CLM plus SBCL, for instance?.

BTW, thanks also to Nando for toggling Ambisonics in "dlocsig.scm".

   --* Juan

> Fernando added 3rd order ambisonics support in dlocsig.scm.
> clm+s7 is finally up to speed -- I think it is as fast as
>    the old run macro version.  This took about twice as long
>    as I expected.
> checked: gmp 5.1.0, sbcl 1.1.3|4, FC18 (gcc 4.7.2).

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