[CM] clm, evelope with reverb

James Hearon j_hearon at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 11 10:44:52 PST 2013

I'm getting better at using reverb but wrestling with trying to include amplitude envelopes in the instrument now.  The reverb (locsig) is working for me, if I just use amplitude instead of the amplitude envelope on the output stream, but if I try  to employ the amplitude envelope I loose the reverb.

           (locsig loc i (* amplitude (oscil osc) ))  ;works fine
           (locsig loc i (* (env amp-env) (oscil osc) )) ; no reverb?
I've tried several changes to the ins but not sure I understand why (env amp-env) takes away the reverb?

 (definstrument examp (start-time duration frequency amplitude 
             &optional (amp-env '(0 0 .5 1.0 1.0 0))
                       (reverb-amount 0.5)  
  (multiple-value-bind (beg end) (times->samples start-time duration)
    (let ((osc (make-oscil :frequency frequency))
      (amp-env (make-env amp-env :scaler amplitude :duration duration))
           (loc (make-locsig :reverb reverb-amount))  )
       (loop for i from beg below end do
          (locsig loc i (* (env amp-env) (oscil osc) ))  ;;problem here         

(with-sound (:reverb nrev :reverb-data (:reverb-factor 1.0 :lp-coeff 0.7) :channels 2 :srate 48000)
(examp 0  1.5  220.0  0.35  '(0 0 .5 1.0  1.0 1.0  1.5 0) 0.3) )

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