[CM] cm in juce 2.0, jack

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Tue Sep 18 10:17:59 PDT 2012

> That would be useful I think (cm would be better)

I have the code base cleaned up quite a bit now, at least in terms of #ifdefs and also not using juice namespace and getting rid of T() and juice::String() calls (which used to me mandatory). i will continue refactoring as i can and also upgrading some features.

> , I'm trying to bring old code up and running and it needs patterns ("make-item-stream"!). It does not look like I can get patterns.scm to load on a plain s7…

make-item-stream! wow that really is old!! :)     hmm cm2 has (new <cycle> …) maybe you mean that?
in the best of all worlds one could simply load up cm2 code into s7/grace, but cm2 used a tiny-clos'ish object system that chicken, gauche and stklos managed to provide in one form or another. if i could mimic this with s7's object system that would work, but i don't know yet if thats possible or what sort of speed issues would arise. its on my todo list.

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