[CM] vim2grace - vim (or other external editor) integration with Grace

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Tue Sep 18 07:37:23 PDT 2012

On Sep 18, 2012, at 9:21 AM, <cmdist at nospam.frostglow.com> wrote:

> I'm don't know how to fix this problem, within the bounds of Grace and
> s7.  I suspect I'll have to abandon the simple expedient of reading from
> a fifo and use some other method of communicating from vim to Grace, but
> I'm at a loss as to what method to use.  Suggestions are very welcome!

im wondering if -- instead of providing a separate 'cm' binary for console work -- i instead add an 'eval server' to Grace? that way one could start Grace and then send text to its port for evalling from other apps.  It would sure make things a lot more robust  as it would be exactly like typing into grace's editor.  and certainly less difficult to maintain from my end!

juce has a InterprocessCommunication thread that i can be used to do this.  Todd Inagalls and I had it working quite nicely for sending/receiving stuff from Grace to a common lisp (sbcl i think)

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