[CM] snd: control-panel blocks playback

andersvi at notam02.no andersvi at notam02.no
Tue Sep 18 01:42:44 PDT 2012


Im getting a strange error with snd on a freshly setup machine here.

Opening the control-panel stops playing of audio.  Closing the
control-panel resumes playing.  If control-panel is opened before
playing, playing wont start.

Ive tried the recent packaged snd-13* (the current snd-motif for fc17
seems to be using gtk as well...?) + built my own: various previous
versions from cvs (back to snd-12.8), w & wo jack-support, but same

Machine is a 64bit, running fc17.  Both stock-kernel (3.5.3-1) and
planetccrma-kernel (3.4.10-1.rt18.1) shows the same behaviour vs. snd &

Might this be something with gtk?  pkg-config --modversion gtk+-3.0 =>
3.4.4.  The display-driver (nouveau)?

Any clues?  Id be happy for suggestions vs. debugging this.


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