[CM] cm in juce 2.0, jack

Heinrich Taube taube at illinois.edu
Sun Sep 16 07:01:44 PDT 2012

I've moved CM to the latest sndlib and JUCE2. this has triggered some changes to building (all for the better I hope), including a move to premake4.

to build cm from sources now you do:

cd cm

to build the app with jack support on linux you would do

premake4 --jack

the biggest change in the building process is that the new cm uses its own versions of juce and sndlib under its top directory (cm/juce and cm/sndlib) 
these systems are NOT stored in the cm repo but ill ship them with every release so that the system doesn't go out of sync with later versions of sndlib (unless you force it)

tif you checkout  cm from svn the build process will automatically download and install both juce and sndlib for you as part of its build (you'll need git and curl on your path...)


The system builds on both maces and linux, but JUCE2 has some major differences with JUCE1 and I haven't had any time yet for testing, except to say that on linux choosing jack no longer segfaults :).
it would be very helpful if you try to build it on osx or linux and let me know what is working and what is not.

i am also taking this opportunity to refactor the code, removing stale files and cleaning up the code, including purging all "using namespace juce".  i would really like to move to mac menu style, but this will be a lot of work.i will add back the "optional" packages like fomus, sdif and osc once the dust settles and i have a bit of time.

so the next release of cm i plan will be a stable version of cm working with the new code base.

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