[CM] s7 on bare metal Blackfin DSP board?

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jun 23 11:27:07 PDT 2012

That would be a hack!  I can make a 16-bit version of s7 if needed.
Currently s7_Int can be int, but I don't think short will work.
I think the main problem (given a C compiler) will be squeezing into
64Mbytes.  Last time I tried to minimize memory use in s7 (by making
the heap and other tables as tiny as possible), I was able to run
in about 10 Mbytes, but that was years ago, and the program has
grown a lot.  Do you have access to any external memory?  Gee, this
takes me back to the old days -- the motorola 56000 boards, and
the TI board whose number I've forgotten, and even earlier, counting
bits (not bytes) at Apple in the 6402 (?) days.  Who could ever use more
than 4Kbytes of memory? I'm all smiles just thinking about such a project.

(Is it running a full C or some subset?)
(Does it have a math library?)

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