[CM] s7 on bare metal Blackfin DSP board?

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at kolumbus.fi
Sat Jun 23 07:20:14 PDT 2012


this might be specifically to BIill. I have a BFin BF537-EZKIT board 
(96kHz codec, 64MB SDRAM, 4M flash). ucLinux runs neatly, but the audio 
is not supported at all on this card. Bare metal dsp works fine, been 
playing getting analog from ADC, filtrating with variable fir-filter and 
then outputting to DAC. Once I coded double buffered audio and used 
1D-convolution in time domain, convoluting left and right channels, and 
there's enough power to do that in real time.

The U-Boot bootloader has serial i/o so Scheme REPL should be easy. 
Haven't looked much the s7-code, but the bin-elf-gcc compiler may have 
all the ingredients. Audio (perhaps) is sufficiently easy to implement.

First I was thinking of Forth (coded that ages ago for 8085), but Scheme 
could be more usable.

It's really a pity the bf537-version of ucLinux needs extra ADC/DAC-card 
to get audio on EZKIT.



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