[CM] Trouble buillding cm on Arch Linux

Phil Thomson phil at philthomson.ca
Tue Aug 21 14:00:11 PDT 2012

Thanks Bill,

I re-built sndlib from the older version you provided and managed to 
build cm and Grace!

I had to do some tweaking of *.make (manually adding '-ldl -lXext -llo' 
to LDFLAGS) and had to remove 'redundant' '::Font' strings from 
src/*FilePlayer.cpp. Not sure if I was doing something wrong to make 
those tweaks necessary...

Phil Thomson

On 12-08-21 12:31 PM, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> I added sndlib-may22.tar.gz to the ccrma-ftp site -- according
> to my notes, I built cm on a mac using that version of sndlib,
> so there's some hope!   I don't know if there's an easier way
> to make cm in Arch Linux.
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