[CM] Arno in Grace?

rm at tuxteam.de rm at tuxteam.de
Thu Dec 29 03:52:51 PST 2011

On Wed, Dec 28, 2011 at 05:47:55PM -0600, Heinrich Taube wrote:
> this is slime nonsense, not cm. now i suddenly remember why i moved to  
> c++/scheme!

This is not "nonesense" - this is a valid error message that reports
that the versions of slime (emacs lisp side) and swank (common lisp)  
don't agree. Since  slime and swank's network protocol do change every
once in a while that's a warning to be taken serious. Ignoring it is
asking for trouble .... So 

> > Can't locate module: SWANK-IO-PACKAGE::SWANK-REPL
> >   [Condition of type SIMPLE-ERROR]")

is kind of expected, isn't it :-)
I hope this is _not_ the reason you moved to a insular
scheme/C++ solution. Lisp got so easy to install with the
emacs package system and quicklisp.
You need xml integration: 
(ql:system-apropos "xml") 

for a list of 32 ready-to-install  systems.

 (ql:system-apropos "osc") 

and then:

 (ql:quickload "osc")

same with screamer ... To give up all thesde nice libraries and be
locked into a stadalone scheme seems a high price to pay (and, most 
important for me: hving to give up decades uf muscular memory (emacs
as an editor) is the highest price I'd have to pay with Grace).

 Cheers, Ralf Mattes

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