[CM] How to play back the fomus file

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Aug 18 03:57:29 PDT 2011

CLM is built into Grace. look in the Audio>Instrument Browser for the  
list of clm instruments you can load/edit/play.

You can tell Fomus to write a midi file in addition to a .ly file.  
perhaps this is what you want to do?
Then you can play the resulting file using the Audio>Play Midi File   
(ybut our need the newest Grace to do this i think, and ive not built  
it on windows yet)

On Aug 18, 2011, at 4:43 AM, R.D. Latimer wrote:

> Hi Dr. Taube,
>   I've installed Grace 3.7.2 on Windows Xp, and also Fomus.  I'm  
> looking through your examples and tutorials from the Help menu.
> The first Fomus example is:
> ;
> ;; Simple process example
> ;
> (define (examp1 n r)
>   (process repeat n
>            do (send "fms:note" :dur r :pitch (between 48 73))
>            (wait r)))
> (sprout (examp1 16 1/2) "fomus1.ly")
> This successfully creates the Lilypond file and a pdf of the written  
> notes.  Is there a way to hear these pitches, reading the notes from  
> this file back into Grace and using mp:midi ?
> Also, did you see the article on Algorithmic Composition by Michael  
> Edwards in the ACM Communications magazine?  I can send a link if  
> you didn't see it.  Michael has a sample composition, yvonne.lsp, on  
> his website, it's in Common Lisp and uses Common Lisp Music from  
> Stanford I think.
> It may be an interesting project for me to try to translate this  
> file over to Common Music.
> I haven't been able to successfully install the Stanford software,  
> CLM.  Besides the language syntax, I'm not sure of the differences  
> between CLM and Common Music?
> Thanks,
> Randy Latimer
> rdlatimer at gmail.com

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