[CM] Using Scheme - FOMUS marks that have arguments

David Psenicka dpsenick at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 13:31:15 PDT 2010

adding `output: {"mid"}' in sal should do this.  `output' is a list of
filename extensions representing all the types of files you want output
(in addition to the filename you specified).

`midi: #t' used to do this (it basically just adds "mid" to the `output'
list) but I changed the name of the `output' setting at some point and
forgot to change it in grace...  so this will get fixed when I make the
next release.

midi output should recognize most articulations plus tremolos, trills,
harmonics...  but it will probably need some adjusting until it sounds
right (ie. accents have the right emphasis, staccato notes are the right
duration, etc..)  It will also use up a lot of tracks (a separate track
for each voice) and will specify extra ports in the midi file if it has
to, so if you have a lot of parts and voices (or quartertones) you need
a midi player that recognizes the additional ports

On Sat, 2010-09-11 at 11:03 -0500, Heinrich Taube wrote:

> how do i tell fomus to generate a .midi file in addition to a .ly  
> (or .xml) file?  sorry but i dont see it in the docs anywhere

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