[CM] Snd 11.11

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Nov 29 03:23:10 PST 2010

Snd 11.11

Rene Bastian has written a French version of the cmn manual:
    manuel-cmn-fr.html in the cmn tarball.

Mike Scholz provided a bunch more script and configuration improvements, and 
    C/Ruby expertise.

Michael Edwards added an optional argument to moog-filter in moog.lisp
  to control saturation.

s7: *safety*: an integer, defaults to 0 meaning don't be paranoid.
            There is one case where you might need to set *safety*
            to 1 -- see the "bad-idea" function in s7.html.
    hooks.  s7 had several built-in hooks, but the hook support 
            was in xen.c and xen.h.  It's now in s7 with backwards
            compatibility definitions in xen.c.  See s7.h and xen.h
            for the C API, and s7.html for the scheme side. Also,
            with much help from Mike, it's now possible to add a
            C-side function to an extension language hook, so
            the "watcher" stuff in Snd has been removed and
            replaced with normal hooks: add-watcher and 
            delete-watcher have been replaced by effects-hook.
            In *.scm and *.html I've replaced the old Guile
            hook functions with shiny new replacements: hook-push,
            hook-append, hook-remove, and various uses of hook-functions.

            *trace-hook*, *load-hook*, *error-hook*, and *unbound-variable-hook*
            are now s7 hooks.

    cond-expand (taken originally from MIT Scheme I think).

checked: gtk 2.91.2|3|4, sbcl 1.0.44, Ruby 1.9.3

Thanks!: Rene Bastian, Mike Scholz, Rick Taube, Michael Edwards

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