[CM] newbie question: graph

Michael Winkler michael.winkler at balcab.ch
Tue Nov 23 00:35:56 PST 2010

Hi List,

I made a big jump now from common music 2.3.4 to 3.7.0, and of course, 
for me much is so different.

can somebody translate me this from 2.3.4-lisp to 3.7.0 cm-scheme? (Just 
scheme, I'm still hesitating to use SAL ;-) )

(setf x (new graph
              (a to (new random b c))
                 (b to (new cycle a c))
                 (c to a) for 20))
(next x t)

give me some non-trivial graph-examples in Scheme? Just as a starting 
point. I did not found any in the docs.

Every help (examples, links) will be appreciated - thanks a lot!

Michael aka Minkepatt

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