[CM] cm 3.6.0 beta 4

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue May 4 06:19:20 PDT 2010

oh let me look at the #defines that are in effect --  maybe the  
defaults changed  and i need to turn on jack or something. let me poke  
at this, it'll take a day or two though this is the busiest time of  
the semester for me.

On May 4, 2010, at 8:08 AM, Heinrich Taube wrote:

> arrrrg. the alsa vs jack stuff is impossible
> im wondering if it would have more weight if a juce post came from  
> you since you're  mr. linux audio.  you could ask them about the  
> unusable midi ports too.  if you dont want to do this let me know  
> and i will do it.  but i cant even test midi as timdity doesn even  
> make a sound on my machine nor does whatever app comes up when i  
> double click a midi file. but i can can write a clm audio file and  
> the player plays it just fine.
> On May 4, 2010, at 7:12 AM, Dave Phillips wrote:
>> Heinrich Taube wrote:
>>> i see that now. that must be a change in the latest juce. but audio
>>> itself  is working, at least on my machine. im not sure what could  
>>> or
>>> should be done about the change.
>> Ouch. Well, here's what happens: If JACK is running Grace/Juce  
>> seems to
>> ignore it but defaults to the first soundcard it can find that is  
>> not in
>> use by Jack. Alas, that soundcard (Card 1, my SBLive) happens to be  
>> an
>> unconnected card on my machine. However, when I run Grace without  
>> Jack
>> it defaults to Card 0, my M-Audio Delta 66, but still without a  
>> selector
>> for ALSA or JACK.
>> I think the Juce devs need to know that this is not an  
>> improvement. :-/
>> Best,
>> dp
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