[CM] beginner issues part 2

menno nabob_cd at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 24 01:25:46 PDT 2010

Second beginner's question:
i follow "midiout.sal" and want to set the Microtonal Output. So i execute "send("mp:tuning", 2)" and see under MidiOut-->Tuning that it is set to Quatertone.
I hear the whole notes but when i send "send( "mp:midi", key: 60.5)" my synth does not react.
Has this something to do with my synth?

And is there a way to see this mailinglist in context, like i am used to have with Nabble and CSound. There is a CM list in Nabble but i can not post anything, it is "read-only" it seems.

thank you 


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