[CM] latest FOMUS not working with latest Grace [SOLVED]

taube at illinois.edu taube at illinois.edu
Tue Jun 1 06:54:36 PDT 2010

yes of course.  or maybe i should add support for reading spectral SDIF files, that would be the most general. i never did it because it seemed like a fairly daunting task when i looked at it and i and my students always use spear.

just send me the csound data format for representing a series of frames.  hopefully its somewhat like spear: a (time ordered) set of frames, each frame consists of {partial freq amp}* triplets. i wasnt aware that clm has a special format for this, ill poke around.

>Rick, the spectral composition stuff is fascinating, but alas, the 
>latest Grace accepts analysis files only from SPEAR, which is not 
>available for Linux. I can run it under Wine with no apparent problems, 
>but would it be possible to extend Grace's support for analysis files to 
>include the formats used by e.g. Csound or CLM ?
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