[CM] CM+Fomus to notate MIDI sequence with VSL keyswitches?

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 29 08:03:46 PDT 2010

can you add an end of slur mark to the score at time T without  
attaching it to the previous note? that way you just have to remember  
the start time of the last note.
if thats not possible you could simply map the data before sending it  
to fomus and get these things figure out, then write the score.

On Jul 29, 2010, at 9:40 AM, David Psenicka wrote:

> On Thu, 2010-07-29 at 14:55 +0100, Bret Battey wrote:
>> One challenge with translating the VSL keyswitches is handling  
>> legatos. After identifying a legato keyswitch, one would start a  
>> Fomus slur on the following note. The instrument remains in legato  
>> until some other articulation is specified. For writing the Fomus  
>> score, then, after identifying a new keyswitch, one would then have  
>> to back up to the previous Fomus score note to add an end-of-slur  
>> attribute.  I couldn’t handle this at all in the quick and dirty  
>> realtime MAX/MSP version I did. Potentially will be able to with CM  
>> assuming I can back up to a previous score objects easily (been a  
>> long time since I tried that in CM — took quite a bit of head- 
>> scratching back then).
> I used to have a "continue slur" mark so that slur-end marks  
> wouldn't be necessary (to avoid exactly the situation you're  
> describing, having to "back up" a note to put an end-slur mark on  
> it)--but I haven't added this yet to the C++ version (i thought  
> maybe they made things too complicated)...  basically fomus would  
> extend the slur up to the last "continue" mark it finds.  i'll see  
> if i can add this feature in by the next release.
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