[CM] supercollider examples

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon Jan 18 16:44:08 PST 2010

Ive added examples of working with supercollider and  the osc port, see:


The examples use a new insrument sc:wave, a version of (wave ...) that  
i implemented in Supercollider with guidance from Michael Klingbeil.
There are several other new features related to SC:

1 the instrument browser can now include sc insturments in addition to  
SndLib. The browser has been moved to the top level of the Audio Menu.
2 new item Audio>Export Instruments... for restoring all or any  
instrument files from the embedded distribuition.
3 you can now load  instruments directly from the embedded sources.  
That is, if you specify a file that does not contain a directory  
component. eg:

(load "v.scm")
(load "wavesc.scm")

then Grace will search the embedded instrument distribution for that  
file if it does not exist in the current working directory.

It is very easy to add instruments to the instrument distribution --   
I would welcome anyone sending me compositionally useful synthdefs  
(.rtf or .sc files ) along with their instrument wrappers in scheme.   
to see how to define a sc instrument wrapper open sc:wave in the  
browser. (basically you just assemble calls to osc:bundle an  
osc:message ...)

apps : (because of the changes to the Insrument browser Ive remade the  
window's app even though OSC doesnt work there.)




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