[CM] hard times getting clm-4 working

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 14 04:39:24 PST 2010

I don't think you need to use -m32. 

clisp expands loop sometimes to code that 
includes loop-finish, and then routinely changes the expansion of loop-finish, 
breaking my optimizer.  I'll have to change the run-time loops to use "do", I suppose. 

sbcl (32 bit) works fine for me:

/Users/bil/clm/ sbcl
This is SBCL 1.0.34, an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp.
* (load "all.lisp")
* (compile-file "singer.ins")
; Writing "/Users/bil/clm/clm_SINGER.c"
; Compiling "/Users/bil/clm/clm_SINGER.c"
* (load "singer")

* (with-sound ()  (singer 0 .1 '((.4 ehh.shp test.glt 523.0 .8 0.0 .01) (.6 oo.shp test.glt 523.0 .7 .1 


I don't have clozure.  macroexpand-all is defined in walk.lisp,
so perhaps you can just comment out that definition using #-openmcl.

The genetic_algs.lisp I find is an 8 year old 220b project using
the singer -- it's not something I maintain as a part of the
CLM package.  I don't know what goal-spectr or spectr.ins are.
If you want help with random stuff like this, you'll need
to at least send the code (or a url), and show the actual errors.

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