[CM] new audiofile widget

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 8 10:20:56 PST 2010

i've reimplemented grace's audiofile player widget, the new display  
now works on windows and linux and with less chance of dropouts. if  
you do get dropouts use the Audio Settings.... button to select a  
larger buffer -- this size choice is now saved as a preference.  the  
new widget also has zooming and scrolling controls. by default the  
full file is shown; the slider at the bottom of the window zooms the  
waveform; use the mousewheel to scroll on a zoomed in display; double- 
click the waveform to reset zoom and scroll position back to full  
view. here's a pic of playing clm's birds audio file zoomed in a bit

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  prebuilts are here, ill make a release in about a week:


win (no osc or fomus yet):

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