[CM] how to enable openmcl in gracecl

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at kolumbus.fi
Sun Jan 3 08:15:40 PST 2010

On Jan 3, 2010, at 4:00 PM, Heinrich Taube wrote:

>> and rick: how to enable openmcl in gracecl (know much better common lisp than scheme) i've installed clozurecl to ~/ccl-1.4 and like to use the 64-bit version, as it doesn't need cflag modifications, but in gracecl configure it's greyed.
> you would have to make sure that openmcl's socket support actually works now and then just re-enable the greyed out gui code.  when i wrote the lisp-side socket connection code openmcl had a very nasty low-level bug that made recovering under errors unworkable on the lisp server side.  it might be fixed now or might not be, ive lost track of openmcl.  try it and see. if not good luck debugging a server side socket problem!
i got ccl working with slime, so the socket is working. where's the code for re-enabling openmcl hidden? i've looked at package code, but haven't been able to spot it. the cl need comes from programs i've written in cl, and don't exactly know how to convert to scheme. using gimp i wrote some plugins in scheme, so it's not so unfamiliar, but have some tutorial cl books (bought 1 euro a piece, when a local library sold their old books)

i'd be very interested to get genetic_algs.lisp from ccrma pages working, either with cl or scheme.
using ccl i've heard something, but sbcl gives some error when loading gracecl, and clisp gives error (loop-finish) is not allowed outside loop, but ccl works. using gracecl with ccl would be so nice to try out.


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