[CM] how to enable openmcl in gracecl

Matti Koskinen mjkoskin at kolumbus.fi
Sat Jan 2 16:52:55 PST 2010

first to bill: got snd working using gtk, somehow motif gives the error not finding font.

then clm-4 works best so far with clozurecl, i've been able to play popi.clm and fmviolin with dx86ck64 (didn't need to add -m32 to cflags.

and rick: how to enable openmcl in gracecl (know much better common lisp than scheme) i've installed clozurecl to ~/ccl-1.4 and like to use the 64-bit version, as it doesn't need cflag modifications, but in gracecl configure it's greyed.



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