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Bjoern Lindig bjoern.lindig at googlemail.com
Thu Feb 4 03:51:56 PST 2010


I'm very new to snd and to this list. As much as I have seen, snd will be a 
very appropriate tool for what I'm doing. 

Unfortunately I'm struggling with some minor issues: I cannot open any popup-
menu. I compiled snd from cvs with motif (as I felt it was quite a bit faster 
than gtk). Now, every time I right-click inside of snds window, the mouse-
coursor changes (normally it points to the upper left, then it points to the 
upper right) and the whole graphical interface gets inactive, until I kill 

I assume it is more likely an issue of the systems settings, than of snd. But 
it seemed to me, that motif is not that common, so I decided to try this list 
first, hoping that someone has seen this before and knows how to work arround.

By the way, I'm on archlinux (x86_64) with kde4.

Best regards,


P.s. here is the output of snd --version:

This is Snd version 11.3 of 25-Jan-10:
    s7: 1.42 (20-Jan-10), Xen: 3.3
    Jack: 0.116.2
    Sndlib 21.2 (11-Dec-09, float samples)
    CLM 4.30 (14-Oct-09)
    GSL 1.13
    Motif 2.3.1 X11R6
    OpenGL 2.1 Mesa 7.7
    Xpm 3.4.11
    LADSPA: 1.1
    with fam
    with gettext: en_US.utf8
    Compiled Jan 25 2010 20:44:17
    C: 4.4.2 20091208 (prerelease)
    Libc: 2.11.1.stable
    host: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

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