[CM] fms:rest

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 2 06:58:09 PST 2010

> what is wrong in this code?

1. pick is a function it evaluates all its args so you are calliing  
both note and rest each time you call pick
2. there is no reason to add rests, just advance time without sending  
a note.
3. in the most recent fomus you dont need to add clear: #t and run:   
#t  (those are now the defaults)

(define (test)
   (process repeat 50
    (if (odds .5)
     (fms:note :pitch (between 60 80) :dur 1 :part "p"))
    (wait 1)))

(sprout (test) "test.ly"  :parts '((:id "p" :inst "piano")))

Fomus is going through some rapid development now so you need to look  
at the fomus website and stay current with bugfixes.

I have some advanced examples of fomus you can access on my class  


the "metrics.sal"  file shows how to do some metrically complex  
things, multimarks.sal show how to add marks to things.
david is redoing his marks api right now i think so that you will have  
more conrol on how and where marks are placed.

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