[CM] code editor complete

Adam ahcnz at ihug.co.nz
Sun Apr 4 10:52:47 PDT 2010

On Monday 05 April 2010 02:41 am, Heinrich Taube wrote:
> you mean the buffer is empty when you load it? odd its working for me

Yes. Blank when looked up under Help Tutorials Scheme Fomus.
On recent Grace 3.5.1  svn: 1835.
Export Tutorials, and Fomus.sm  0 kB   all others > 0 kB. 

> in 3.5.2. you can take the Grace im using for my class, its 3.5.2 and
> very stable, look in the  "Class Downloads" section of
> http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/Classes/404A2/
> or you can simply restore the file from svn, its fomustutorial.sal.

Again, this may be SAL and not Scheme. 

> > was empty.  Is that there on 3.6  ?
> yes, but as i indicated in the message yesterday the replacement for
> 'fomusfile'  isnt there yet so dont eval expressions starting with
> 'file' in the new examples.  ill have everythig in 3.6.0 all wrapped
> up in a week or two, i just have the low level reorganization, loading
> and 'file' left to do.

This is it.  I got lost transcoding SAL examples to Scheme, fomusfile at 
the top of fomus.sal.  
Lisp examples in the Fomus documentation, all didn't seem to work. 

OK. Thanks.  Will look out for Grace 3.6 and stay tuned.     

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