[CM] strad.scm

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 5 11:36:56 PDT 2009

as i suspected that wrong-type-arg problem actually prevented the  
error from being reported correctly when you loaded strad.ins. the  
error that was trying to happen is:    ">>> Error: open-input-file:  
can't open jcrev.scm"

to fix this problem load jcrev.scm before you load strad.ins.

i could add this info to the intrument's dependency loading in ins/ 
table.xml, but acutally i dont think the jcrev file is needed at all  
to run the instrument and am wondering if the load-from-path 'jcrev   
is a copy paste problem? might be a stale-ism?

(if (not (provided? 'snd-jcrev.scm)) (load-from-path "jcrev.scm"))

On Sep 5, 2009, at 11:43 AM, Anthony Palomba wrote:

> Hey Rick,
> Just wanted to thank you for all the great improvements you made to  
> GRACE. I really love the new plotting feature. Having
> a way to visually render data makes working with CM so much nicer.  
> Fomus looks like it will be very useful as well.
> I do have a quick question, I would like to use some of the  
> instruments in the SndLib. But I am unable to get some to work. Wave  
> seems to work fine, but non of the examples for "bow" work. I get  
> the following error when I load the instrument...
> Loading strad.scm
> wrong-type-arg
> Also do you have an examples on how to use the pluck and piano  
> instruments.
> Many thanks,
> Anthony
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> >
> To: "Heinrich Taube" <taube at uiuc.edu>
> Sent: Monday, August 31, 2009 1:14 PM
> Subject: CM version 3.3.0!
>> Hey Rick,
>> How are things going? I hope all is well with you.
>> I saw that you posted news on that version 3.3.0
>> has been released. I am very excited to give it a try. Will you be  
>> posting a windows build some time soon?
>> Thanks,
>> Anthony

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