[CM] Snd GTK/Cairo + DirectFB

errordeveloper at gmail.com errordeveloper at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 17:17:33 PST 2009


i have looked into xg.c and it seems like porting it to Cairo/DirectFB
shouldn't be to difficult.
it does look quite abstract, i.e. doesn't seem to have hardcoded Cairo/Xlib

but it is very hard to understand the whole structure of the code in
xg.c ;(

my project is to run snd without the main gui widget, but implement
different custom bits of gui (widgets) but i'd like to avoid Xserver
for my rather embedded project.

that is going to be multitrack recorder/player with a micro controller
board connected to serial port and sending commands to snd when buttons
on the board a pressed.
eventually i'd like to implement a touch screen with extended gui
funtionality. i wanna use DirectFB (http://directfb.org) insted of X11
beacause it is definetly far more appropriate for this application.

could anyone who knows the guts of xg.c help?

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