[CM] Grace: "Error: run-safety: unbound variable"

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 8 07:21:48 PST 2009

ok ive checked in a new bug fix release of cm (rev 1775)  and bumped  
the version to 3.3.1

1 updated to use the latest sndlib tarball: S7 Scheme 1.37 (7-Nov-09)  
(c) 2009 William Schottstaedt
    you must install this sndlib or later!
2 added missing function load-sal-file so sal's load command now works  
for .sal files as well as .scm files
3 sal iteration now looks for duplicated variables in clause  
definitions and signals an error if it finds one
4 fixed window selection keyboard shortcuts (COMMAND-1 etc) so it wont  
crash the app if the window no longer exists
5 fixed linux bug that insisted on stereo input devices and timed out  
if you didnt have input devices

if a few people would build and test ill make a binary release in a  
day or two

would anyone mind if i removed support for Chicken Scheme?

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