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After a long hiatus I am going through the book again and got everything
going on a winXP machine relatively easily with the GraceCL binary and CM2.

Thanks Heinrich!  It was much much easier this time around! (as opposed to

Any advice on where to go next?  The whole thing is confusing... so many
different OSes and versions and then other programs that work
complementarily and then others that seem to be plug-ins or extensions

The first thing I would like to do is output MIDI to somewhere besides the
Windows Media Player where I have more control of the instrument/synthesis
playing the notes.  Should I use SND for that?  Or SndLib? Or just a VSTi?

I know it depends on what I am wanting to do control-wise but I just want
get something set up fast that will balance exploration and fun vs.
difficulty of setup and and a steep learning curve.  Is there a happy

The other thing I would like to do is transition over to Grace/CM3 but goof
off with the examples from the book since they are familiar.  Is the
transition in terms of control/programming merely a matter of mastering the
differences between Lisp and Scheme and learning some new


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