[CM] [newbie] Is CLM the right tool for me?

Thomas Baruchel tbaruchel at laposte.net
Sat May 2 08:23:07 PDT 2009

On Sat, May 2, 2009 at 3:02 PM "Heinrich Taube" <taube at uiuc.edu> wrote:
> > I just added it to sndlib-ws.scm, but haven't tried to use it.
> ok the new piano.scm is much faster! (3.6 sec vs 28 sec)

Please, could you explain more precisely what I have to do (as a very newbie) in order to use this new version.
I browsed the CVS and got two files: piano.scm and sndlib-ws.scm
Since the CVS website was saying they had been updated 23 hours ago I think they are the files we are speaking about.
Then I replaced the two files in my /usr/local/share/snd/ directory.

Then I typed:
  snd -l test.scm

with test.scm being something like:

(load-from-path "piano.scm")
(load-from-path "v.scm")
(with-sound ()
  (p 0 :duration 2 :keyNum 62)

but I noticed absolutely no difference. I have a guile-based no-gui version of sound, but I can compile another version with s7 if needed. Anyway, since you are all speaking about sndlib, I assume that I have something else to do, but what? I tried to put (load-from-path "sndlib-ws.scm") at the beginning of my file but nothing changed.

Best regards,

Thomas Baruchel

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