[CM] rts install

Orm Finnendahl o.finnendahl at mh-freiburg.de
Fri Mar 20 11:38:37 PDT 2009

Hi Rick,

 sorry to bug you again. I'm trying to install rts and might be doing
it wrong, but couldn't find documentation. Is there anything

Here is what I did: Asking cm to "(use-system :rts)" leads to the
complaint that cffi isn't loaded. So I installed and loaded cffi (and
its dependencies with "(use-system :cffi)" which works well.

Now if I do "(use-system :rts)" it starts loading and stops with this

Unknown CFFI type: RTS::QTIME_T.
   [Condition of type SIMPLE-ERROR]

BTW: I also did ./configure && make in the rts directory and the
shared library file gets generated without errors.

Am I doing it wrong?


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