[CM] problems with cm3

lieven moors lievenmoors at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 12:07:30 PDT 2009

Heinrich Taube wrote:
> I cant debug without a way of duplicating your envronment.
> if you can please send me SIMPLE testing code I can try to see whats 
> going on.
> for the first problem, will your processes stay in sync if you spout 
> everting at 0, ie without specifying a start time?
> (sprout (list ....) )
I just tried with this code (took it from mailing list), on my laptop 
(my other computer is in my home studio), and the processes don't stay 
in sync (it's very noticeable).

(define keyscale (scale 7 48 '(2 2 1 2 2 2 1)))

(define (algo01 dur row beat amp chan)
   (process while (< (elapsed #f) dur)
       with range = (length row)
       for d = beat
       for k = (list-ref row chan)
       for a = (between 0.1 amp)
       for w = d
       (send "mp:midi"
         :time (elapsed #f)
         :dur d
         :key k
         :amp a
         :chan chan)       
       (wait w)))

(sprout (list (algo01 16 keyscale .25 1.0 0)
               (algo01 14 keyscale .25 1.0 1)
               (algo01 12 keyscale .25 1.0 2)
               (algo01 10 keyscale .25 1.0 3)))

> what version are you using? the current svn?

no, cm-3.2.4

> On Mar 29, 2009, at 10:18 AM, lieven moors wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm still experiencing a number of problems after switching to cm3.
>> The biggest one I have is that when I sprout a number of processes at
>> the same ahead time, there seems to be a systematic drift between the
>> different processes.  The processes start out in sync, slowly drift
>> apart. Once in a while, I can hear that the processes are in sync with
>> each other, after which they drift apart again. I'm using ubuntu studio
>> 8.04 on a dual core system with 4gigs of ram, so performance shouldn't
>> be the problem. Although I wonder if realtime priorities might have an
>> influence on his.
>> Another problem I have is when i'm sprouting to a midi file. When I
>> write a file which according to the scheduler is 120 seconds long
>> (display (elapsed)), and when I open it
>> in another sequencer (Rosegarden or Seq24), all the notes are compressed
>> in one bar.
>> And the distance between the original eight notes has become 8 ms. I saw
>> a previous thread in which you mention the miliseconds vs
>> divisions-per-quarter formats. I wonder
>> if you are still using the miliseconds format, and if this is the
>> problem I'm facing...
>> I also have problems when I use Grace to save (scheme) files. When I try
>> to commit my changes using git, git suddenly complains about lots of
>> trailing whitespaces. When I open the file I saved in Grace in another
>> text editor (vim or emacs), I cannot see any of the whitespaces git is
>> complaining about, so I'm not even able to get rid of them.
>> I even have this problem when I just save an emty file with Grace.
>> Thanks for your help
>> Lieven
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