[CM] CM version that works with the examples in the book?

Yuri Jossa yuri at voivod.net
Fri Mar 13 11:22:30 PDT 2009

I have CM 2.42 (the version that came with the CD included with the book) 
running fine on Win XP.. however a good quantity of the programs on the book 
do not work with that version.

I cannot find a compiled version of  the CM 2.0 version  that the programs 
on the book are supposed to work with.. a link to the source code was 
provided but i haven't tried to compile it..

i was hoping someone would have a binary distribution somewhere..


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> Arrrrg! let me try again...
> did you get this issue resolved?
>> However CM2 does not seem to be working right on WinXP
>> under CLisp, Emacs & Slime.  And this is a great pity.
> what specifically is the issue? I cant fix it with this information --  it 
> was certainly working at one point and should continue to
>> Rick has suggested that CM2 is no longer being developed.
>> Thats OK. Its great as is.
> i will continue to support cm2 fix bugs etc  but not add new features 
> (use cm3 line for this) 

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