[CM] Problems with installing CM, CLM-4, LISP, SNDLIB

Markus Eichhoff eichhoff at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Tue Jul 14 05:04:20 PDT 2009

Hello Mr. Schottstaedt,

you know, windows is not a problem. I have ubuntu here and windows. So I could
also install it in linux. But I don't know how... :-) I am not lazy to read the
information in the lists and internet sites. I see sndlib, scheme, lisp, cm,
clm-4, etc.... so many words, but nowhere is written how they are connected and
what is really necessary to install it (what? cm, lisp, sndlib, scheme?) on
windows, on linux, on os x.

There was a piano model from Mr. Scott van Duyne's, "piano.ins" is the instrument
file. I like to use this, because many physical parameters go in.

Best regards

Bill Schottstaedt schrieb:
>> I like to use clm-4, because there a piano model is implemented. 
> It's also in the Scheme (and Ruby) versions: piano.scm for example,
> so you could use CM + sndlib.  (Be sure to turn on optimization --
> perhaps I should change that default).  Rick's instructions for
> sndlib + windows are in README.sndlib.  I have never used Windows
> (my sisters suspect that I don't actually know anything about computers), 
> so I can't help much there.

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