[CM] Midi file format

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Jan 31 09:34:21 PST 2009

hi dave im writing a type 1 file with two tracks, track 0 holds stuff  
like tempo, keysig, optional channel tuning data from the microtuning  
menu, optional program changes from the Instruments.... settings.  
track 1 holds user's event data.

i think the issue is that Im writing a (legal) midi file using the  
(legal) millisecond format, eg:
     midifile->setSmpteTimeFormat(25, 40); // set to 1 msec resolution
and i guess most apps wont handle this.

so i think ill change the default format back to beats like it was in  
cm2: e.g. divisions-per-quarter (480) instead of smpte time and a file  
tempo of 60bpm.

regardless ive just added a  new dialog that lets you twiddle all this  
in Audio->MidiOut>Midifile Settings...

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