[CM] Midi file format

Dave Phillips dlphilp at woh.rr.com
Sat Jan 31 05:07:08 PST 2009

Maurice van Loon wrote:
>  Maybe this question has been answered but I could not find the 
> answer: If I write a midi-file with the sprout command in CM 3.2.4, 
> the file can be listened to with QuickTime, but when I try to open it 
> in an other program like Finale or Logic and even Ableton Live I get 
> an error due to the format of the file.
> I used some standard examples in Grace to try it but it seems that the 
> midi format cannot be read in several programs. Does have anyone the 
> same experience?

What MIDI file format is Grace using ? Almost every major sequencer uses 
Type 0 and/or Type 1 files, and almost none utilize Type 2. A shame, 
it's a neat format, but it caught on about as well as release-velocity 
on keyboards. :(

Please post the error messages you receive from the host apps.



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