[CM] Grace audio & midi on linux

Bill Sack bsack23 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 05:31:47 PST 2009

just to be clear: the reason i couldn't get audio from Grace at first
(after rebuilding with alsa-enabled juce) was that i'd started it with
jack running.

with no jack, grace finds my soundcard and my external midi device.
all works as expected (tho with spinning cursor after a minute or so).
and to reiterate: this is on fc8 - i will try to build this weekend on
another machine with fc9.

it'd be great to get jack audio going with grace so it could be used
with other apps like pd and ardour - i will look at the mammut code
that Kjetil suggested at some point.

oh, i also noticed that the fm-insect example code has an extra
parenthesis at the end ....

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