[CM] building cm3/Grace on linux

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 29 13:12:33 PST 2009

yes, you need alsa configure. but that wont solve the audio devices  
issue, at least on my machine.
it would be great if you can please test audios too:

1.  build the "Juce Demo" app  in juce/extras/Juce\ Demo/build/linux
2. start the demo app, select the Audio demo from the Demo menu
3. Try to play a wav file using the file player in the audio demo pane.
if you can do that then i should be able to figure out why its not  
working in grace or why it doesnt work on my linux box. if the demo  
doesnt work then its a general juce problem that i can ask about in  
the juce forum.

please build the juce deom
On Jan 29, 2009, at 3:04 PM, Bill Sack wrote:

> ok, so i looked a little closer at juce_Config.h and noticed the
> JUCE_ALSA macro was commented out, hmm. i enabled it, re-ran the
> premake, rebuilt juce, rebuild cm and now i have midi in and out in
> grace! all right!
> i usually use jack and qjackctl to make it a liitle easier to see what
> ports are available. i can then hook the output up to a softsynth, the
> input to my cruddy little m-audio control and fun ensues.
> hope that helps someone out.
> and that's very exciting news about the portability of the application
> ... guess i need to go pitch that class now.
> b
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 2:31 PM, Heinrich Taube <taube at uiuc.edu>  
> wrote:
>>> pedagogically, if i were to consider pitching a class at a local uni
>>> or college now i'd be more concerned with having an app that the
>>> sysadmin there could install without too much hassle ...  on mac or
>>> possibly windows.
>> no need for a sysadmin or installing -- my students just unpack the  
>> app on
>> their desktop and double-click it to start working;  clm and the  
>> instrument
>> distro are built into the exe. things seem to be running well on  
>> windows and
>> mac , ill keep working on the linux audio problem, it must be  
>> possible get
>> at the audio devices somehow!

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