[CM] clm on windows! (cm 3.2.4)

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 8 08:03:47 PST 2009

sndlib/cm3 is running on windows! binaries of cm 3.2.4 for mac, win  
and linux are now at sourceforge. links to downloads and changelog are  
on the homepage (you may have to reload the page in your browser to  
get the updated html)


For a really fun demo use Bill's birdsongs and watch 'em sing! it  
takes about 10 seconds. Do this:

0. Start grace
1. Select Audio>SndLib>Instruments...
2. Double-click on the 'bird'  instrument row, that'll load the  
instruments and open the example
3. Put your cursor just after (make-birds) in the birds.clm window and  
hit Command-Return
4. wait 2 seconds for the file to compute, the player will pop up and  
start playing, watch each bird squack as it plays! (well, the audio  
waveform is not drawing on windows for some reason but it sure is  
pretty on the mac....)

special thansk to michael gogins, who wrote the scons script that  
compiles sndlib on windows, and carlos pita, for cleaning up the  
premake.lua script and adding builds against installed libs

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